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Cordyline fruticosa. Tī pore. Pacific cabbage tree.

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Roau brought seeds or plants of tī in Nukutere canoe, which landed at Waiaua, near Opotiki. Tī (and taro) known in Urewera as Te Huri a Roau. Tī said to have been planted at Pokerekere, and its name was Whakaruru-ma-tangi (Best 1902). Tī mentioned in tradition of Horouta canoe and the introduction of kūmara to New Zealand. Tī roots given to Kahukura to eat by Toi (Turei 1912: 154).

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One of the original plants brought by Maori from Polynesia. Thought to be extinct, but rediscovered on an old pā site in eastern Northland in 1999. See Simpson 2000.

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23 November 2009
4 July 2020
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