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Dioscorea spp. Yam. Uwhi.

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UWHIuhiuwhikāho (These terms are also applied to other root crops such as taro, potato, kūmara); nangarangi (Beever 1991

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A detailed section on yam is found in Best 1925: 228-232. Brought by Māori, cultivated in warmer parts (East Coast and Bay of Islands), disappeared since Cook"s time. Large cultivations seen in the Bay of Islands (also taro and kūmara).

Mahuhu canoe tradition states that it brought the uhi-kaho but that it did not grow. Seen by Banks growing at Tologa Bay (Te Rangi Hiroa 1949).

Solander in 1769 recorded Discorea sativa.."culta"

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28 May 2007
1 July 2019
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