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Metrosideros perforata. Aka. Akatorotoro. Small white rātā.

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Aka toki - thin strong stem of this climbing plant used for lashing handles for some adzes (toki). Selected, trimmed, steamed in hangi until pliable. Lashed tightly around stone tool (toki tītaha) (Best 1912).

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Extremely durable. Much used for lashing palisades, etc. See also Best 1907 ; Servant 1973.

In Wairarapa, pieces of akatea sometimes laid transversely across ramparts so inner ends projected from the face. This enabled a garrison to detect tunnelling operations by the enemy. Such operations would cause the aka to move (Best 1927. Best was somewhat dubious)

In Wairarapa, sloping outer stockade called a karewa. Aka tokai used for rails and for lashing (ibid). Vine used for lashing in construction of storage houses (Best 1916)

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28 May 2007
5 July 2020
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