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Chionochloa sp. Wī kura.

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Williams 1971 records wī kura as Danthonia raoulii, a grass. (The Māori name suggests a red-leaved grass or tussock.)

Several Danthonia spp. were placed by Zotov 1963 into the new genus Chionochloa. D. raoulii became C. rigida (snow grass), D. raoulii var. rubra = C. rubra (red tussock or haumata). Zotov observed that Cockayne 1923 used the term 'rubra' rather loosely, and included various narrow-leaved forms of C. rigida, as well as C. pallens from the Tararua Mountains.

Beever 1991 records wī kura as Chionochloa australis, carpet grass.

Maori informant in Beattie 1920: "The common native grass [in the south] was called ma-uku-uku". Possibly C. rubra ?

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23 November 2009
14 March 2014
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