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Blechnum discolor. Piupiu. Petipeti. Crown fern.

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Lomaria discolor (in Best). 

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PIUPIUPETIPETI (Best 1907), tāniwhaniwhaturukio (Ngāi Tahu). Names in Williams 1971

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Kiore, native rat, wrapped in leaves of petipeti for cooking in hangi ( Best 1902)

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Common in drier and more open forest. The bent-over fronds have been used as track-markers - their pale undersides are visible even at night. (Crowe 1994)

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In the south, it is said that the kakapo will bite the fern off at the base and hold the frond over its head to shield itself from observation (Beattie 1920).

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28 May 2007
4 July 2020
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