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Cordyline pumilio. Dwarf cabbage tree. Tī rauriki.

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Cordyline stricta

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Roots sugary and valued by the Māori for food (Kirk, in Taylor 1870 ; Colenso 1868a, 1868b).

Roots tied separately for baking in bundles of hangehange, Geniostoma rupestre. (Colenso 1868a).

Roots dug up and dried, sometimes eaten raw (Colenso 1880)

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Midribs (tuaka) of leaves used to make sieve baskets for hīnau berries (Best 1942).

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Rongoitua (traveller from Hawaiki, introduced kūmara) tried kāuru - tī papa, which is cooked and becomes very sweet (White 1887; Vol III)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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