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Dicksonia squarrosa. Tree fern. Whekī.

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WHEKIatewhekītūākura (Taylor 1855), tūōkura (Tuhoe term, Best 1907), pēhiakurauruuruwhenuatiotirawa (all in Williams 1971).  Best 1916 says tirawa a Ngāti-Pūkeko term.  pakue (Beever 1991

Pit for root crops, lined with slabs of stems of tree fern: rua tirawa

A shed with walls of tree fern slabs: whare tirawa

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"The iho (heart) of the katote [Cyathea smithii] is good to eat, but that of the others [poka and wheki] is bitter. "(Beattie 1920)

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Trunks used for lining storage sheds, pits. Fronds used to cover pit floors (Best 1916).

Much used in construction of rough huts - whare tirawa. Often used for cooking sheds (Best 1907)

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28 May 2007
4 July 2020
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