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Nothofagus fusca. Tawairaunui. Hututawai. Red beech.

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Fishing and Hunting

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Contains tannin (Smith 1879). Used for tanning (Aston 1918b)

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Chip of tawhai used as bait for barracouta (Colenso 1868b).

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Timber not greatly useful. Boat-knees, cask staves (Colenso 1868a).

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" The true black birch is a noble tree, found from Kaitaia ... to Otago, but often local and absent from extensive districts. ... This species [Nothofagus fusca] is almost invariably termed black birch in Auckland and Otago, red birch in Wellington and Nelson .... In fact, the term "birch" may be regarded as a generic name applied by bushmen to any small-leaved tree, and qualified with the prefixes 'black', 'white', or 'red', at the caprice of the individual...." (Conservator of State Forests 1877)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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