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Avicennia marina. Mangrove. Mānawa.

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Avicennia marina

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Avicennia resinifera

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Sprouting seeds: piaka, tuputupu (Polack gives this name for mangrove). 

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"The mangrove swamps are peculiar to the Northern part of the island. One at the mouth of the Thames river mentioned by Captain Cook is just as he described it." (Taylor 1870)

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White mangrove; bark used for tanning (Taylor 1870, Conservator of State Forests 1877)

White mangrove bark ..."said to be extensively used for tanning at Rio Janeiro" (Colenso 1868a). However, virtually no trace of tannin found in the New Zealand mangrove (Aston 1918b).

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Woody stems used for soap-making (Colenso 1868a).

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28 May 2007
21 June 2020
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