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Mida salicifolia. Maire taiki. Willow-leaved maire.

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Santalum cunninghamii

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Supplied hardwood for war implements and carved walking sticks Root pounders, flax beaters, digging sticks. Cabinetmaking (Colenso 1868a)

Used for wooden spades, digging sticks - hoto, ko, kaheru, pere, tipi. Certain weapons such as wahaika made from roots. (Best 1907, 1925, 1927)

Heavy, durable. Favoured for use as a block when cutting greenstone (Best 1912).

Used for torches for lighting houses. Smokeless and longlasting. All species of maire used. Details in Best 1925.

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"E! ko te matakahi maire! Lo! the iron-wood wedge!

Used of a warrior. Meaning: He separates the enemy before him, as the wedge of the hard Maire wood (Santalum cunninghamii) splits up a log." (Colenso 1879: 140)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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