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Pteridium esculentum. Aruhe. Fernroot. Honorific terms.

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Above names are honorific terms for the edible rhizome of bracken (fernroot).

Haumia originated aruhe, and is the personification of it. Peka o Haumia is 'branch of Haumia'. (see section in Best 1942: 72-75; also Best 1902)

Tapuwae-putuputu is name of Kupe's canoe, on which he brought the fernroot. Putuputu sometimes used as a name for fernroot. Hine-kotau-ariki is the female personification of the plant, or its growth. Kotau is the name for young shoots and young rhizomes. (Best 1942:74)

Pukupuku-te-rangi sprang from Rarotimu and Rarotake and produced fernroot. In a Takitimu story, Tane-pukupuku-rangi originated fernroot. Pukupuku is one of the many secondary names of Tāne. (Best 1942: 75)

Ako o tūwhenua are the roots or fibres of the earth. (ibid p75).

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28 May 2007
6 July 2020
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