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Pennantia corymbosa. Kaikōmako.

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KAIKŌMAKOkahikōmakohine-kaikōmakoahikōmau (Ngati Porou). (All in Williams 1971

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Most prized wood for obtaining fire by friction (Colenso 1868a).

Piece of thoroughly dried wood sharpened to a point, worked backwards and forwards along a piece of soft wood (patē or māhoe preferred) (Kirk 1889).

Best wood with which to fashion kauahi, or fire-sticks. (Best 1907).

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Kaikōmako = food of the bellbird. The bellbirds love its juicy black berries. (Anderson 1954)

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Tree personified by Hine-Kaikōmako (see Best 1907).

Tradition of Maui searching for trees to put fire into (White 1887; Vol II)

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28 May 2007
1 July 2020
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