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Microsorum pustulatum. Pāraharaha. Hound's tongue fern.

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Chrysopteris billardieri, Drynaria billarderi, Microsorum diversifolium, Phymatodes billardieri , Phymatodes diversifolium , Phymatosorus diversifolius, Phymatosorus pustulatus, Pleopeltis billardieri , Pleopeltis diversifolia , Polypodium billardieri , Polypodium diversifolium, Polypodium pustulatum, Polypodium scandens

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Used to line and cover baskets in which hīnau meal, tawa kernels cooked. Imparted a pleasing flavour (Best 1942, 1902).

Young stems eaten, cooked as greens (Best 1902, 1907; Crowe 1981).

Sometimes used to cover baskets of eels for cooking - eaten as greens ( Best 1902)

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28 May 2007
2 July 2020
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